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Aquavita - Day 16 third fish, first storm

This morning Daddy put the lure out trying to catch a fish for Elke's birthday tomorrow. Within 10 minutes I heard the line go off. The fish was pulling hard, it was impossible to bring it in when we were sailing at 6-7 knot speed. We had to take the jib in and change course to slow down the boat. Severin said when he took in the jib and turned the boat around, he saw a whale jumping and splashing into the water 40 meters away from the boat. He was the only lucky one who saw it.

Daddy pulled the fish close to the boat, Mummy brought it in using the gaff. It was a 90cm mahi mahi✨️⭐️. It fought a lot more than the 1m mahi mahi which is weird. We were all very happy with the catch. It was an early birthday present for Elke.

Author: Jason

The swell today was the biggest we have seen on the crossing, 3-5 meters in height. The waves are forecast to be increasing. During my afternoon watch while I was on the flybridge with Jason, the dark grey sky opened into the grey sea, pouring rain locked us in the enclosed bimini upstairs. We had the blister (asymmetrical spinnaker) flying in the steady 15 knot wind during the day. However, the wind quickly went up to close to 20 knots. I watched the boat speed closely while debating whether to call the captain to take down the blister in the downpour. When wind speed topped 24 knots and boat speed touched 10 knots, I decided I couldn't wait any longer.

Captain and both crew came out immediately in the pouring rain. With great effort, the two strong men pulled down the blister in the howling wind, both drenched during the process. The wind abated for a while, making me doubt whether it was a wise decision to call people to take down the blister causing them to be soaking wet. However, soon the wind picked up a notch and went over 30 knots. The sea also seemed to rise like an unrestrained animal, roaring and rolling all around us. Our boat was bobbing like a leaf in the foaming grey sea. Glad I made the right decision, at the right time too. This storm was like a squall but not quite, as it went on for more than an hour. Apparently there will be more squalls ahead as we move further west. Got to be prepared!

Author: Yvette

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