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Ca Canny - Days 16&17- A birthday on board!

There was not much to report on yesterday, other than the very exciting but very brief moment where we saw a pod of dolphins! Unfortunately this time they seemed too busy to swim along with the boat and they passed us before we could get a good look at them, however our best guess is that these were bottlenose dolphins as they appeared to be grey on top as opposed to the last ones we saw which looked black and white.

Today was celebration time as it is Charlie's birthday. We attempted to bake him a cake with mix we bought in Gran Canaria, but as we have recently lost use of our oven it was a microwave cake. Sadly but unsurprisingly, this did not go plan and what came out of the microwave was more of a brick than a cake, but at least the fish got a meal out of it (although we reckon it sank very quickly).

We also made it under 1000nm until our destination during Charlie's shift last night and now we are under 900, so there have been lots of milestones today.

- Ca Canny

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