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Rhapsody - Rhapsody - Day Ten: What time is it anyway?

We time travelled this morning. 10am became 9am again, for the second time on our passage so far.

Some of the crew have problems with time travel. There’s always confusion as to whether the clock should be going forwards an hour, or backwards. And what does this mean for the time at home? If we had the luxury of mobile phone signal, would it be too early to call our loved ones or too late?

For me, this particular time shift has caused a peculiar problem: I’m unable to set my watch to our new local time. It’s a cheap Casio digital and will apparently only allow itself to be set to certain cities around the world and none of those happen to be located in UTC+2. I should probably have downloaded the manual before we left, but I didn’t, so for the next few days I’m going to have to mentally subtract an hour from what my watch is telling me. I’m going to be as confused as certain of my crewmates, at least until we can tick over another hour and my watch will be content to think it’s in Rio de Janeiro.

Traditionally, adjusting the hour would happen at 2am, but onboard Rhapsody we have a very good reason for making the change at 10am instead: I’m not on the 8am to noon shift. This way, I never have to suffer my shift being five hours long rather than four. There have to be some perks associated with being skipper…

In total, we’ll time travel four times on this passage, so even though we’re not quite at the halfway point distance-wise, it feels like we’re closing in on St Lucia. The evenings will get dark a little earlier; the mornings will get bright a little earlier. Until, in a few days, it’ll be time to do it all over again.

Terry and the crew of Rhapsody

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