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Aquavita - Day 10 bucket challenge

Once upon a time, there was a war between Modena and Bologna because of a bucket. The bucket sits proudly in the city hall of Modena today.

It shows how the simple bucket is worshipped. It's the same on our boat.

Today there was a mahi mahi on our lure. Daddy pulled the fish in and it was inside our bucket, but the bucket was outside the safety railing on the transom and the fish flopped into the water, taking the bucket with it. Since buckets are greatly worshipped (I mean, have you ever heard of the bucket war?), we had to take the asymmetrical spinnaker down and turn around to get the bucket. It was a shallow bucket but it was made of aluminium so if water got in it, it would sink. Luckily for us the sea was very flat so there were hardly any waves. First we turned around and saw the bucket, then we came close to it and tried to use the boat hook to bring it closer to the boat. If we had a net we would be able to do it but we didn't have one. After a few tries the bucket got too much water in it and sank so we lost a bucket and a mahi mahi.

Probably the most unsuccessful bucket challenge.

Author: Jason

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