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Aquavita - Day 9 rowing across the Atlantic

We were alerted to the fact that the area the ARC fleet is traveling through is also where the transatlantic rowing race fleet is at. Today we spotted a very slow vessel in front of us on the AIS called Jonah. We suspected it might be one of those row boats. Within a few hours we caught up and could see the outline of a small, low vessel without sail bobbing in the waves about 2nm away. We tried to make contact on the VHS radio, but they didn't respond. Maybe they are too busy rowing.

Many people think we are crazy for sailing a yacht across the Atlantic. Compared to these rowers, what we are doing is a walk in the park. We saw two rowing kayaks getting ready for a transatlantic trip in Lanzarote. Each kayak is manned by two rowers who row day and night for the epic journey. Other than the seats for rowing, there's only sleeping space for each rower. Whereas, we have autopilot driving the boat, power and water at our fingertips, fridge and freezer full of fresh food, comfortable beds and bathrooms, and lots of space to spread out and chill.

These rowers, the courage they have, the strength they muster, the risk they face, are so many times greater than ours. I truly admire them for taking on this great challenge and wish them all the best.

Author: Yvette

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