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Legato - Log day 8

Time to move on again and after stocking up, refuelling and watering for the comparative isolation of Alderney Harbour, we said good bye to the missuses (Is that a word?) who had literally planned a flying visit.

Off we all sailed into the Little Russel heading for The Swinge and hoping we had got our timing right.

More Dolphins were there to see us off which was a good omen. It was spectacularly successful trip! We all made it without incident which is testament to the passage planning advice which was earnestly debated at the skippers briefing. As our long suffering guru, Roger, said (after we had all arrived) The Swinge can be one of the scariest passages in any skippers log book. It had to be taken seriously.

Only one sensible boat took the east passage up the race. Everyone else gave The Swinge a go and got away with it in fine style.

Ironically, the most testing part of Alderney was yet to come.

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