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Legato - Log day 5

On the move again today, destination Guernsey.  In complete contrast to Saturday, no wind.  OK.  We could have flown  the gennaker for fun but with only 6 kts wind we chose to concentrate on the tides and look at the scenery.  We stayed close to the Cotentin peninsula and lobster pot spotting was another busy pastime.

I was focussed on getting my position right for the white water rafting experience called the Alderney race.  As it happened we experienced a lot less tide than you might expect in the Solent.  As Steve from Omnishambles said, "the race was cancelled".   Time for tea and flapjacks.

Suddenly Mike shouted "dolphin" as a fin broke the surface.  It danced around the boat coming up both sides of the bow. First one I've seen when sailing.  Amazing.

On arrival we were greeted by excited shouts from the quayside and suprise suprise, our wives had flown down to meet us. 

The visitors pontoons at St Peter Port are a bit of fun.  August means lots of visitors so we were on an outside pontoon with no shore access.  Out came the dinghy and one by one (small dinghy) everyone made it aboard.

Once settled it was time to row back for the pontoon party.  Or rather the on board party.  Clambering over 5 boats rafted together was good training for anyone doing the World Championship hurdles.  Thanks to Doodles and Tessa Jane for hosting.

Rowing back in the dark through a now completely full marina was even more interesting!  But everyone stayed reasonably dry.

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