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Legato - Log day 4

Woke to the sound of bells from the town clock and went on a croissant hunt. 

Cherbourg looks much nicer than we expected.  The little back streets were deserted and the town squares and parks empty.   A typical French town on a Sunday - quiet, peaceful and mostly closed.

Mike and I both felt the effects of running a big boat short handed.  We appreciated the idea of allowing a lay day.   But any signs of fatigue soon faded after breakfast.

Some boats started to attend to those little tweaks that are needed after a long trip and our corner of the marina was soon buzzing with chatter and activity.  Notes compared, advice given, stories told. 

The sun shone again and we all assembled for evening drinks on the terrace bar overlooking the port.  This, as they say, is what it's all about.


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