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Majic-L - Majical Challenge - Days 10 & 11

So here we are - the last blog entry for the Channel ARC. After a quick breakfast on Saturday we decided to head off into town and hit Carrefour for cheese, wine, charcuterie and pressies for friends and relations back home. I always enjoy that trip - the French seem to do fresh food much better than our supermarkets! We had to give way to an armed patrol as we walked through town - obviously security still high after recent events in France.
After lunch with some of our purchases in the bright sunshine and a group photo that Clare wanted, we got underway back to Gosport. No wind of any substance meant motor sailing for the first 4 hours. We enjoyed sitting on the front bow and dangling our feet in the water when the sea was a little bumpy. Then somehow Richard managed to serve up pie, peas and dauphinoise potatoes from the pitching and rolling galley which was pretty amazing! After motoring for what seemed many hours we split into watches and Richard and I went for the first kip. Woken up by high winds at midnight 'ish, the sails flapping and calls from Linda and Tony for help with reefing quickly - Richard showed his skippers nouse by being up on the deck in a flash to take charge and great teamwork by all in bringing things back on an even keel. After that, we were able to sail pretty much the rest of the way, only using the motor again in the final approach into Gosport - berthed about 6am.
So after a couple of hours sleep and a shower, the last event of the rally which was a barbie in the Haslar lighthouse.The fact we have so many get togethers over the last few days has really helped with a community spirit amongst the ARCers and good to see the ranges of age and experience in the crews. So the question you always ask - would we do this again - absolutely! Thanks to Sally, Roger, Clare and all at ARC and RYA.

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