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Midnight Wanderer - Day 8 - Friday

A day of very little really, but in essence our pool of knowledge was extended, that hangovers do eventually pass, and Cherbourg is a charming little town, with lots of English influence.

One member of the crew raided the M&S pastry counter, and supplied the Skipper with Guernsey full fat milk for his cereal, at least 80% fat the label said. Certainly not for daily consumption! In tea, the milk coated the surface with large fat globules making the cuppa very unattractive.

We left St. Peter Port at about 1130, taking the Race north in a largely flat sea. Wind on the nose so motor sailed expecting to catch a decent blow after Cap de la Hague. No such luck, which meant a motor sail all the way to the marina. We overrode the marina staff and parked at the end of P pontoon across from Beuwolf (Clive and Pat). They, Anne of Wight, (Simon and Becks), Venturer II (Andrew, Celia and Angus) and Midnight Wanderer went out to dinner at L'Antidote, which can be reasonably described as "rustic French".

Tomorrow is the beginning of the final act and by Sunday, I sincerely hope the fat lady will sing!

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