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Ed’s ARC+ Diary across the Atlantic

Ed the Iguana is probably one of the most experienced sailors in the ARC+ fleet. At sunrise on the morning of Friday 6 December he arrived into IGY Rodney Bay Marina onboard Dalliance of Chichester having completed his 24th Atlantic crossing!

He likes to sail with family boats because he is happiest playing with children and gets up to all sorts of fun and games while at sea. This year Ed travelled from Las Palmas to Cape Verde (ARC+ Leg 1) onboard sailing yacht Sarah, a Hanse 588. He was in the very capable hands of the younger crew members, Stephen aged 12 and Sarah aged 8. Sarah was particularly excited to be looking after Ed and they enjoyed lots of activities together like playing games, fishing and making yummy waffles. Once reaching landfall in Cape Verde he also got to play with children from fleet and joined them on the beach to collect shells and then make bracelets on the pontoon. After all the fun and games he relaxed watching movies with Sarah and Stephen.

Jumping ship, Ed chose to sail across the Atlantic with Jocie aged 5, Isla 9 and Sophie 10 on Dalliance of Chichester a catamaran Freebird 50. Keeping a comprehensive diary of events Ed had a fun packed voyage. He was fed extremely well enjoying a diet of bananas, freshly baked apple cake and coriander and even had his own pillow to sleep on. He also enjoyed painting, making clay models, building boats and playing games such as pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and squeak piggy squeak. He also watched movies onboard Dalliance but not before he helped Jocie, Isla and Sophie do their school work. And more importantly, he had a good wash before entering the marina so he was ready for his arrival photo.

Diary from S/Y Sarah
The first day he was sleeping all day and we were getting ready to go then the people from the ARC came and gave us Ed I was very happy and showed him the boat and now i´m writing about him.

The second day we were all seasick and in four meter waves!

The third day I did not get seasick because it was calm and we got fish but it fell off the hook.

On the fourth day we were quiet and we played and had competitions and there were adults against the kids and adults won. We made waffle batter too and also saw dolphins.

The sixth day we played and as on the the third day, the fourth day, we had flying fish jump onto the boat.

On the seventh day we heard the comforters and we thought we were ahead.

I cleaned the boat and after that went to Recipe  and played with Jes and Emely and Liv.

The second day, we walked around the island and after that it was Jes's birthday and on the beach we swam and had fun. We went to Recipe and watched the movie and then Liv made lunch for us.

The third day we were on the beach again to pick shells and many fine and got cocoa.

Today I will play with the other children on Recipe and make bracelets and necklaces.

Diary from S/Y Dalliance of Chichester

Day 1

Today is the start of ARC+ 2019 from Mindelo for the 24th crossing I have been given to the girls on Dalliance and have been a bit spoilt on a pillow eating coriander while the girls and Jessica have been running around the docks with a net fishing out plastic. They were selling it but dropped their €5 note in the water and it sank. So far it is a bit bumpy on the crossing but Isla has named a banana Jef and given it to me.

Day 2
I am still eating Jef. The girls are painting and it is still bumpy but luckily they have comfy beds.

Day 3
I did a bit of boat school and I liked it.

Day 4
Today we are having a pamper party. I am glad because I need a wash. I like Dalliance.

Day 5
Today was a bit boring although I watched the girls doing a bit of boat school.


Day 6
Today we made clay. We made; a hot mat, Father Christmas, cats, elephants, snowman, angel and presents.

Day 7
Built boats. Isla’s boat was called Lightning Bolt and was a trimaran. Sophies’s was trimaran too and was called Champion. Jocie’s was a catarmaran and was called Fast Speed.

Day 8
We’re half way! Today we are going to play pass the parcle, pin the tail on the donkey and squeek piggy squeek. It was very fun because after that we watched Peter Rabbit.

Day 9
We did boat school and watched Finding Dory.

Day 10
Today they did a Christmas play. Isla was Santa, Jocie was Erie Elf and Sophie was Elle Elf.

Day 11
Mummy made apple cake and we played lego and made monkey fists.

Day 12
We painted our clay and played lego.

Day 13
Today I listened to some music and watched the girls play put a marble on the table and then catch it with yoghurt pots or cups then they made music by tapping shampoo bottles on the table.

Day 14
Today we are going to clean to go into Saint Lucia!

From Ed the iguana!