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ARC Baltic Rally Postponed from 2021 to 2022

World Cruising Club (WCC) has announced today, that the planned 2021 edition of the ARC Baltic rally will be postponed until the summer of 2022 due to uncertainly around international travel with countries on the route.
Since the rally was opened for registration in autumn of 2020, the optimism about a return to post-pandemic normality has been replaced with a reality of second waves and increased restrictions on travel for many. The rate of roll-out for public vaccination in many countries is slower than was anticipated last year, and a return to near normality within European countries seems unlikely before the autumn. The public health reaction to the spread of virus variants has further delayed a return to free movement within Europe. Limits on flights, entry and visa restrictions remain in place with no clear indication of when they will be eased.

Given the uncertainties around international travel and quarantine requirements for countries on the route, WCC do not feel it is appropriate to continue with the planned schedule for 2021. The risk of delays on a tight itinerary, last minute changes and potential visa and testing requirements is too great and would impact on the participant’s enjoyment of the rally. WCC regret the inconvenient and disappointment that this decision will bring to the current participants, but feel that an early decision on running the rally, will be preferable to last minute disruption or cancellation.

WCC remain optimistic that international travel will open up sufficiently in 2022 to enable us to deliver ARC Baltic as planned. Entries are now open for the 2022 rally and current participants are able to transfer to next year or take a full refund.

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