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A Glowing Volcano Welcomes World ARC 2019-20 to Vanuatu

The World ARC fleet are now all anchored and cleared into the bay of Port Resolution on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu. Many of the boats arriving at night reported to have seen the red glare from the volcano, Mount Yasur, at least 30 miles off land which provided the perfect beacon to their destination.

After clearing into the country by special arrangement, participants enjoyed each other’s company up at Port Resolution Yacht Club. The Yacht Club is very unique. It is situated on the hillside overlooking the bay opposite the smoking volcano. It is a wooden structure with open sides and a corrugated metal roof festooned with country flags, ensigns and burgees from visiting yachties all around the world. It is a very special place to be able to visit and one which the World ARC has been coming to since 2008.

The locals are hugely welcoming and one of the items on the programme includes a walk around the local village ending up at the dramatic beach looking out to the east where the boats have just travelled. The locals are very excited to see the fleet arrive once again, especially the children who are very keen to see who has sweets in their pockets!

Since the start of World ARC some 7 months ago now, many of the participants have been eager to visit the active volcano here on Tanna. For some, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the rare opportunity to walk around the very top of the smouldering lava.

As the first tour returned last night they all came back elated. Debbie on EQ2 said “it was amazing and we’ve all had a great time.” Lara and the family on Charm said “it was spectacular and we had the chance to stair right over the brink of the volcano. The entire group were cheering and clapping when a gust of wind knocked off a couple of our hard hats and we said it was a sacrifice to the gods of the volcanos on behalf of the fleet.”

The fleet will remain in Port Resolution for a couple of days where the programme will conclude with a traditional ceremony and gift exchange.

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