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Ailsa - blog 17

Position: 13:42.630N 59:31.384W


Captains log; Stardate 2012-12-17 – 23:00 UTC


We have entered the star system known as Windies and during the night will begin to orbit the planet Lucia barring any last minute problems. Today has been plain sailing as they say. A real delight with almost perfect conditions and not a Klingon in site. For the technically minded we are current sailing on a heading of 311 degrees with 14 knots of ENE, a full genoa and main and making 8 knots in a calm sea.

As we reach the end of our first ocean passage what have we learnt. The Earth is definitely flat at least every bit of it over the last 3000 nm has been. We have learnt to do a very good impression of a Duck Bill Platypus. We have learnt that sailing skills are no more important than being a mechanic, plumber, electrician, communications specialist etc etc. We have learnt the value of baked beans. Shelley has learnt pole dancing and I have leant how to toss the caber – more of this at the bar. We have learnt that sailing on the same piece of ocean can on the one hand by like gliding on an ice rink and on the other like riding a roller coaster. We have learnt that still on this planet you can travel more than a thousand miles and not see another human being. And much much more...

I have to return to the bridge to resume watch and plan our exploration of this new planet Lucia – like where is the nearest bar!!

This is Richard and Shelley

On the yacht Ailsa

Our mission..............To boldly go..........


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