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Ailsa - blog 16 - magical

Position: 13:18.256N 57:50.978W


Captains log; Stardate 2012-12-16 – 24:00 UTC


It is a truly magical experience at night, alone in the open ocean with a clear sky and stars shining from horizon to horizon with a sea so calm that their light is reflected in the surface. Add a bit of Coldplay or Phil Collins or Nina Simone or whoever your particular choice is and it is difficult to beat. The fact that there is no wind and therefore you can’t progress without the engine seems hardly to matter.

It is also a magical experience watching the dough rise at it proves – at least when you have not made bread before and so it was that the day was put to good use. Now I wrestled with whether to include this photo. Is this really the image I want to portray? Would Kirk really make his own bread on Enterprise, would they even have bread on Enterprise? Is this the same person that did hand tom hand combat with a flying fish in the cockpit thinking it was a Klingon. One thing is for sure, the home made rolls did liven up the baked beans and frankfurters even though their bottoms were a little burnt.

Shelley has taken up crochet and we have tried croquet on the back deck but despite the calm seas we have lost all the balls over the side. We did go for a swim yesterday which was great fun until a black fin was spotted in the water 50m out and headed our way: du-da, du-da, du-da, du-da......

After a fair amount of motoring the wind has returned – 12 knots E/ENE – light but enough to push us along at about 5 knots. Another round of pole dancing was had and perhaps after another three Atlantic crossings we will get the hang of it.

Will the wind get us there?  Will the Klingons launch a final attack? Will the home baked bread be used for ballast?

We will keep you posted.....

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