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Ostrea - Statistics from Ostrea ARC 135

report of the ostrea of friday 14-12-2012,from the intented finishing day.
So our goal was to finish,in day time and under full sail.
After , with a decreasing tradewind,we changed the halfwinder for the genua
,we just bent backwards and filled the daily milagereport from 11.00 utc.
Every thing under control.the skipper is sleeping,children are playing,the inland
nearly visible and the crew total comfortable.
All of a sudden a cry of the awakend skipper and we found our halfwinder
wrapped around our cutterstay some 50 times and it had the shape of 5 bikinis and 6 monokinins.After 1 hour of trying to inwrap the sail,lines and a the skipper,the
only solution was to try to detatch the upper extension of the cutterstay from the mast in 4 BF with 3 mtrs waves.So our lokal hero :Zed(nickname of Cederiek)was
hauled and tried to detatch the stay from the mast.After 1/2 hour his conclusion from above were :st lucia was not yet visible and the stay was not demontabstartedle
.So the skipper,just unwrapped ,decided that Zed with a blunt ironsaw has to cut the stay at 15 mts above sealevel.Zed,an obeing crew was hauled with saw again and
happenly he managed to disengage the stay with the help of Sabien who held the bi and monokinis in the lee of the mainsail.
After intermezzo the engine was .started and the unwrapping was started.Without any damage the sail cuttersail was hauled again and with more than 8 knts we were
heading the island.Suddenly we were overtaken by a group of minke whales who plaid with our bowwave like dolphins ,speechless admired by the kids and all the troubels
of the morning were forgotten.
At 15.47hours we passed the finishline and got from the crew of the Poco Loco our first Pino ice cooled beer.The welcome we met during the entrance of the marina was
overwhelming,I got the idea that we were queen Elisabeth entering the city of London with the Queen Mary 2.All these creol people and these sailing people cheering
and congratulating and so glad with our arrival.Unbelievable,
That night was superb and the headache the next morning was serious.But we cleaning the boat now and here are some numbers of our trip,
Some of the statistics of the overtake are:
1:we sailed in 17days and 8,47 hours a distance of somewath more than 2900nm and with the use of the propellor for 2 days.
2:everybody survived this trip without any psychological damage.
3:1/4 of the food is still on board and for sale.
4:Although I passed the Atlantic many times by plane ,I never realised me that her dimensions were so gigantic.
5:We used 1200 liter water and 350 liter diesel ,1 gastank and no beer.
6:We caught 15 fishes and can now prepare fresh sushis japanese stile.
7:We have met one sailingboat from speeking distance,it was a frech solosailer who was sleeping and did not awake from our shouting.
8:A crew member intends to start a medical private clinic just between the cape verdiens and sint lucia,
9:Crewmember Zed(male,23 years.girlfriend yes )posponed his intented fathership with at least 5 to 10 years.
10:Grandchild Pien (1 year,7 month) had during this trip a child disease with more than 750 small red skinlesions but she was not complaining.
11,As the average wave height during the trip was 2 meters every 15 seconds we were lifted by the waves 4 min times 60 hrs times 24 days times 17 days that is more
than the Mount Everest,
The trip was a wonderfull experience and will kept in mind for our whole future.Thanks a lot ARC.
Opa Kip/Jan Pameijer?crewmember of the Ostrea.
ondertussen is het ±1200 uur pm of am en vroeg ik mare een uurtje of wat geleden wat dat gepiep was wat we continue van die krekels horen.mare meldt mij ±dat zijn
computers,maar nu ze weet dat oma krekel er aan komt ,is ze door dolle.have a good flight.

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