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Mis Amores - Report three: what a day!

December 15, 2012

Dear friends
We went through a whole bunch of highs and lows in the last 24 hours. The lows concern our friends in ARC that are having less luck that we are. We are currently heading to one of them hoping we can help after a storm they went through and left them with a few damages inclusive two injured crew members. There was no Mayday sent out; it makes us believe that they are still holding well.
Our boat is taking good care about us so far and we are grateful for that!
The highs refer to us and our board life.
Yesterday we have witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets ever seen by any crew member, old and young ones. The pink and turquoise sky and clouds were mirroring in the Atlantic Ocean, so wide and endless. It was spectacular!
Today we are sailing in smooth west winds and appreciate a friendly Atlantic Ocean and blue skies.
Today our older daughter Alexandra (6.5 Yr.) set the genoa herself! For the first time. We were very proud of her. Well done Ale! It was after 6 hours of sailing into wind with our code zero. Having 9 knots of apparent wind from 65 degrees portside, we sailed with 6 knots and were very happy about that.
Today we caught a fish! It was a 6kg dorado. Very tasty and added a special Mediterranean touch to our cuisine. We named him Fernando.
The whole day was dedicated to music and we called it ABBA sing-along. “There is something in the air tonight, the stars were bright, Fernando…”


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