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Ailsa - Blog 15 Wind hole

Position: 13:09.098N 53:04.322W


Captains log; Stardate 2012-12-14 – 19:30 UTC


When is sailor not a sailor? We could get into a discussion about “every port” or perhaps spinach. I am really referring to the use of mechanical propulsion. In Kirk’s language vapourdrive or warp drive in our language a 75hp diesel. Specifically its use instead of wind power and sails. Last night we fell into a wind hole with the gribs showing the same for at least 48 hours. Our will finally cracked in the early hours doing 1.5 knots with a true wind speed of 5 knots albeit in the right direction. The interminable clunk – clank with the rolling caused by the persistent swell and the flogging of the sails does eat away at your resolve to obey the covenant according to Ainsleus. So on went the engine and today we are motoring. Will they think any the less of us at the Bar in St Lucia? Would Kirk and Co have done the same? Did we really want to wallow around in the swell going nowhere? Did we phone a friend? Did we ask the audience? What would you have done?

On the bright side we have plenty of water and baked beans – not many eggs – that is another story. The sun is shining and it is warm. Oh and there are no mozzies! Problem now is we have a fuel management problem as we can’t motor all the rest of the way and the gribs indicate wind from Sunday evening. What to do? Perhaps a spot of fishing, maybe go for a swim, do some home baking. Start the spring cleaning? Write the Christmas cards? What would Buffet do? Suggestions gratefully received by email please.

We will keep you posted....

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