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Bardeau - illustrious skipper back on air

14 54 n 53 57 w
El illustrious skipper has escaped from his straight jacket in the forward cabin and taken back skipperdom. It was all an innocent mistake. It started when I roamed the boat blaming the motleys for the 4 meter seas, perpetual rain and the fact that it was taking half an hour to get from the blunt end to the sharp end got worse when I left the chart table window open whilst doing authorial things on my laptop one evening and a wave popped in. The next two days were spent with hair dryer in hand blowing on my satphone and laptop. The motleys Christian Fletcher Kennedy and associates seized control of Radio Bardeau and on board media deposing the true guru. Thanks to rice, rice cakes and the hair dryer Skipper Bligh is partly back in least they pushed hot dogs twice daily under my cabin door.So an update...the awful weather is gone and we are poodling along in 35c calmish seas but only doing 5-6 knots.. Weather woman says go further south but we are meant to be going I'm told to St Lucia not Brazil. Tonight the, hot dogs are suspended whilst the head chef prepares rib eye steaks and sangria made with all tHe wrong ingredients. We are down to our last bar of chocolate. We are running out of conversation and words, so every now and again someone says something and someone else says 'you said that two weeks ago.'. We were however chased by a huge Marlin yesterday. It followed us for about an hour at about 6 feet behind us, it's. Blue tail fin kept breaking the water. It gave us something to talk about last night and this morning as well as the destruction of our fishing rod by something very big and probably nasty with huge teeth...but not before Mr Kennedy landed a massive 12 inch tuna at his 8th attempt....alright it was bigger and was fed to the motleys last night leaving me with all the hot dogs.
Looking forward to the squalls tonight...something to talk about as was our nose to nose meeting with a cargo ship this morning but that's another story...I am writing L on Mr Walker's left hand and R on his right hand so he won't do that again !
El illustrious Skipper

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