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Fidelis of London - Day 17 by Lon

Very jealous of our dutch friends on board of the Poco Loco and Biba who have just arrived!!!! Well done!!!! It´s very sunny today so we´re all trying to move as little as possible because it´s just too boiling to do
anything productive. Instead of reading schoolbooks, I´m reading ´´Dom perignon in een rugzak´´ which is way more educational if you ask me. I particularly liked this quote: ´´I only drink champagne when I´m happy, and
when I´m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I´m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I am not hungry, and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it... unless I´m thirsty.´´ The adults on board, or the one that pretends to be an adult(daddy) is starting to act increasingly like a desperate teenager so I think it´s about time that we arrive! Losing weight throughout the crossing did not work as we had dad and our Italian chef Robert preparing lovely lunches and dinners everyday! My sister baked a delicious lemon cake this morning and it´s nearly finished already. Today I tried taking a picture with my Polaroid camera that my friend Steph gave me for the trip, only to find out that it was out of paper. Sorry stefi... You´re gonna have to bring me more paper when you visit! Only 464 nm to go, can´t wait to see everyone in St Lucia!

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