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Indulgence - The Indulgence crew's Top Ten while completing the ARC rally

Wednesday 12th December

Current Position: N 14o 47'357 W 56o 00'.286

Current Speed : 7.2 knots

Distance to finish at Saint Lucia : 288 nm

* * * * *

Here is the crew's rating as to what was hot and what was not for the whole trip.

TOP TEN : What's Hot

1. Our buddy the fin whale, coming close, but not too close!

2. Night passages, with a moon like a search light, starry skies and flash lightning in the distance

3. Joleen's onboard cuisine (not commented by me)

4. The 1,000 mile party

5. Celebrating two birthday parties mid ocean

6. Catching, tasting and eating Mahi Mahi / Dorado fish

7. Losing communications from some competitors, and gaining communications with others (you know who you are and we did find you)

8. The Broleens

9. The first mid atlantic spinnaker hoist, brief but exciting.

10. Communications : Blogging and Sat Phone

TOP TEN : What's Not

1. Difficult and testing conditions on the first two days. Not what we signed up for on the brochure.

2. Heads on a starboard tack (work it out, it was nasty)

3. Goddamn squalls and rouge waves, particularly at night

4. Loss of Jambon, our boat mascot. Never mind the €45 Dan Bouy or Aidan's shorts

5. The four b*stards who went north and beat us to the finish

6. The swim that didn't happen

7. Temporary communications breakdown

8. Garbage collection, pizza delivery, cleaners and bed changing facilities not turning up mid week as arranged

9. Should have brought a bigger boat with us, with a generator, water maker and a freezer of course. Ah no, only joking.

10. Our handicap (Nothing changes does it, watch out RCYC)


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