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Champagne - Final Approach of Champagne

We can see the end of the tunnel, but is it the light that might be hitting you because it is the train coming towards you ? Well, probably not. We had it all, but mostly wind of the strength BF 7, 8 and 9. We could have been faster, but with the cut in the Genoa that was difficult. And we were not lucky with the wind direction. Can't stand anymore the banging of the sails and the shuddering of the rig. Happy to still have a rig, and a rudder !

But since yesterday all is really going our way. Finally the NE wind, finally with the right strength BF 7-8, and the boat towards the right direction ( S Lucia ), with a speed of 9-10 kts. Wonderful. During the night we had some scary moments, particularly with one squall that hit us, but we were prepared and had reefed early. Anyway, even that does not bother us anymore. It is now lunch time on the 12.12.2012, some 90 miles still to go, and we will be there soon, safe and sound. ETA is tonight after midnight. That is all that matters. Some are there already - well done guys, compliments - some others way behind - stay safe , lads ! Today is a beautiful sailing day, as it should be in the Caribbean : Hot, sunny, trade winds, G&T or a beer, good food, freshly baked bread, who wants to sit behind a desk. All pain, efforts, sleepless nights , almost all forgotten already. But many stories to tell.

Life is beautiful ( again )

Master Mike / Champagne

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