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Poco Loco -

The final countdown..
Today Margo and “Rene from the blog “ decided it was my turn to describe the last 24 hours on board of the Poco Loco in their daily column.
The day started with nice sunny weather and a good eastern wind which was ideal to get the spinaker out so we could head in 1 straight line for St. Lucia , around us just sea and an empty horizon, where are all these other competitors...
We started off this 15th day at sea with 275 Nm to go on the clock at 12.00 this morning, and with an average speed of 7 / 8 knots, we have set the ETA between wednesday night 22.00 and thursday morning 03.00, and one thing is for sure we are the unbeatable number one in the Lagoon 500 class !!!
Then there was lunch a nice spanish orientated shrimp dish with bread and a nice bottle of rose, cooked by our private chefs Margo and Patrick very good. After lunch we did some fishing , suddenly me and Rene had a hit at the same time, I towed mine in , a Wahoo eatable but as we had  just finished lunch he turned out to be a lucky fish and we threw him back in the sea, Rene in the meantime wasn’t that lucky he lost the whole package fish and lure and his fishing appetite...
Before I forget I want to make something clear to some people ( to avoid a visit from the sea shepherd), a Dolphin is not Flipper ! A dolphin is a different name for Dorade or Mahi Mahi , and very nice in a good marinade..
The sun is getting hotter and we see the first other boat today at a far distance and  we play some Andre Hazes (first dutch singer who died after overdosis Heineken beer).
During the beginning of evening the wind picks up and we will experience a bumpy and restless night, but manage to make big progress because of the strong winds...
This morning at dawn ( 06.00 ) it looks like a caribean D-day we suddenly see several ships at the horizon, we are getting closer to the finishline, it will be more and more crowded soon, 155 NM to go....
We decide to raise the spinaker again which is the best option with this perfect around 23 KN wind from the east, full spead to the island!
I want to wish the boys in the snowey Luxembourg office ,  a great X-mas party tonight ( take one on me : ) ) and sent the regards from the whole Poco Loco crew , see you guys on monday!
And for Lisa, I will make sure I leave a clean cabin behind me : )
Oh and Wivian Ruben and Nina what about ice skating coming sunday ? xxx
Till soon ,
Regards Norbert

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