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Ceilidh of Lorne - 1 Day to go!

ARC Day 15
Ceilidh kept up her great run with 201NM logged in the last 24 hrs.
This maintains our 8knot boat speed average since leaving Las Palmas which is all the more creditable as we have steered by hand virtually the whole trip in difficult conditions.
Last night was no exception as we had at times 30knot squalls and some total blackout conditions making steering very tough.
We did however reach a new surfing speed record of 16.9knots yesterday afternoon with Richard on the helm. Ceilidh was in tune with the crew like a well rehearsed gay Gordon’s during this exhilirating period!
We have gybed back to our Westerly course of 270T having dropped down to latitude 14:21N which is very close to our final destination.
Today we have 230NM to go and our focus is steering an accurate course so that we arrive in daylight at St Lucia tomorrow afternoon if possible.
We are on track to finish mid class after time correction factors have been applied, this feels a little disappointing as we have sailed Ceilidh at her optimum speed and direction at all times. However we will wait for the final placings to see how we fare overall.
Catching sight of our first piece of land in over 2 weeks is going to be a big highlight so bring it on.
Today’s  verse of our song is:
On the 10th day of Ceilidh’s ARC my skipper gave to me, 10 blackout broaches!
Our 90lb breaking strain fishing line parted yesterday, we don’t know if this was a big whopper or we were just going too fast but we have no fish caught!
Dave Sturrock

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