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Da daaa, da da daaa...dada daaa, da da daaaa. Da daaa, da da daaa...dada daaa, da da daaaa. Da dadada da da da daaaaaa,  da daaa da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa
 (Theme to Rocky, obviously)
Had another of those funny moments this morning - "OK guys, lets pop the 2nd reef in, prep and hoist the asymetric kite then drop the storm jib"
Always raises a giggle that, but what the hey we don't or at least did'nt have a lot of choice in sail plan left and it works or at least did. Yep thats right, we have managed to ping another bit of boat off the old girl.
This time the second spinnaker spactacle sheared off (first one went a few days ago) so we can no longer fly spinnakers at all and are left with a reefed main in anything approaching 20kts (busted vang jury rig) and storm jib (blown heavy jib) - not fast.
What can I tell ya? its the story of the trip, squalls and gear failure but once again the crew reacted brilliantly and we got the kite down in a squall (only a wee one at 28kts) without further incident. So now its slow train to St Lucia as speed is pants, ETA now around midnight; lets hope the pub is open!
To occupy ourselves we had a topless bikini photo shoot on deck curtesy of Ronda and Bella. Topless in that they had bikini bottoms on and Lifejackets of course. These pictures will be up for auction to raise money for our second ambulance....
So this will be the last blog from me for this ARC, I  expect Daddy Daly or Dover to add a comment at the close of play.
The ARC 2012 has been an extremely tough race for Ntanda and her crew, despite failry rigorious prep back in the UK and again in Gran Canaria we've had our fair share of gear failure and quite frankly shitty weather. But through it all the crew have never dropped their heads, never moaned (well OK, I have a bit...) and always sailed and worked together as a great team.
Its been my pleasure to sail with them and I would very happily do so again, wherever and whenever.
Thanks for following us, reading the blogs and donating.
Your crew have been:
1. Mike 'Daddy' Daly - Owner, mastermind and eater of the 'last' cakes and biscuits.
2. Ben 'Dover' Daly - Part owner (which part is still under debate) driving force and Uber helmsman (possible wearer of the sacred dress)
3. Mike '5 Kites' Hollings - Trimmer et al, Pirate and vampire (possible wearer of the sacred dress)
4. Isabelle 'Bellatron' Mather - Food Fuhrer, keeper of the sacred food list and sailing commentator.
5. Sion 'Handsome' Davis - Welsh fundamentalist, owner of the 'Sugar bowl' and bed wetter (possible wearer of the sacred dress)
6. Flower (real name unknown) - Highly tuned aquatic athlete, chain smoker (No sacred dress credits) pseudonyms: Flower Power, Fleur.
7. Rhona (Rhona the Jonah, AKA Rhonda) MacCallum - Resident of Bermuda Triangle, Kindle-Gate, ridiculously happy.
8. Andy 'Tackleberry' Middleton - Library book, weilder of the knife, very in need of a hair cut, Pirate King & Gladiator watch leader (possible wearer of the sacred dress)

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