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Jus' do it 5 - LOG DAY 14 - droochit!

10th December 2012
1200hrs GMT (11th December) - miles in last 24 hours - 172
POSITION; 14' 56' N , 56' 54' W
Torrential downpours throughout the night continue throughout the day - deluges of heavy, heavy rain which temporarily flattens the sea. We're all running out of dry clothes - Ian appears in a very dandy pair of stripey shorts which have been lurking in their rightful place at the back of the cupboard for a long time...As they truly are his last dry shorts he's determined to keep them that way so is now wearing his wettie trousers all the time - never worn before in these climes! Thankfully, the inside of the boat remains leak free which is a great relief to us all. Wind speed is a steady 20 -25 knots, gusting up to 35 knots in the squalls, wind from N/NE , boat speed 6.5-8.5 knots under headsail. In the early hours of the morning the wind is veering all over the place, sometimes swinging a full 180'. We see 2 other yachts and a cargo ship crosses in front of us en route to South Africa. The night sky eventually clears of cloud and it's a lovely starry night with the waning moon now just a tiny slither. By morning the wind has dropped. It's a beautiful sunrise and the sun is actually shining - long may it last. Annie gets all the wet stuff out and pegs it all over the guardrail - we're like a chinese laundry. The wind has dropped to 18 knots, boat speed 6.5. Our hopes of arriving in Rodney Bay by sundown on Wednesday are fading....lets just hope for a dry, sunny day and a landed fish to lift the spirits!

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