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Jus' do it 5 - LOG DAY 13 - another grey day on the sea.....

Sunday 9th December 2012
1200hrs GMT - miles in 24hrs - 178
POSITION - 15' 06 N, 53' 58 W
Another overcast day - grey and squally conditions continue. A big sea with irregular HUGE waves.  In between showers we try to dry clothes, wetties and life jackets as best we can. Where are these sunny blue skies and tradewind puffy white clouds? We notice the headsail has deteriorated further - it's taking a real battering - so we decide further repairs are required. The sail is dropped to the deck and Ian , Frank and Annie spend the best part of an hour on a rocky, rolly bow with the sail draped over the dinghy, patching and stitching - Ian has the cheek to ask Annie if she ever got sewing lessons at school! We do the best job we can (with our limited skills!) and hope the repairs will be enough to see us to St Lucia and the sailmaker. Not long after dusk, Gordon is alone on the helm while the rest of the crew eat dinner and watch 'Still Game'. There is an ENORMOUS wave to the starboard side - Annie jumps up to make sure Gordon still there and ends up sprachled on the floor - thankfully unhurt bar a few bruises. Even more thankfully , Gordon still on deck. The force of this wave however, has reminded us all of the importance of using our lifelines at ALL times. Hope fully these squalls will blow through tonight to make our last 400 miles more pleasant....

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