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Surfing Petrel - Almost there

We have about 65 miles to go to the finish line in St Lucia, though naturally not in a straight line, with several gybes to keep us occupied. The waves are now fairly well aligned, but yesterday afternoon and during the night, there were periods when we had swell coming straight on despite sailing downwind. It's rather strange slamming into the sea with the spinnaker flying. Quite testing too for those trying to sleep.
The boat we have been racing closely with over most of the Atlantic is The Kid, a slightly bigger and faster boat. We have managed to mostly stay in touch all this way. Yesterday afternoon their speed had dropped significantly and it transpires that their big spinnaker is out of action (there is often a good story attached to spinnaker disasters.. we shall have to wait until St Lucia to hear about it, and hope that nothing untoward befalls Surfing Petrel's trusty heavy spinnaker in the meantime). We don't however know if the crew on The Kid are feverishly trying to repair it for the final sprint to the finish. Surfing Petrel is ahead now, but we're not there yet.
Miranda/ Surfing Petrel

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