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Karma Daze - Day 10/11 Half Way There

The weather continues to improve and the wind has eased significantly.  The waves are smaller and life on board is easier.  We have gone quite a long way south and have so far managed to escape the wind hole that many boats have encountered plus thunderstorms.  We are fairly near the back of the fleet but think we are on schedule for about 20 days.  Today we passed the half way mark and opened the bubbly to celebrate, not forgetting to give a libation to Poiseidon/Neptune.

We now have the fishing line out but so far have failed to catch anything; we thought we had something earlier on but by the time we had reeled it in it had escaped.

Yesterday was the second time we put the clocks back so we are now 2 hours behind UK time.  By the time we reach St Lucia we will be 4 hours behind you.

Our bananas have started to ripen so now we are into eating our 5 fruits and veg a day mainly as  bananas.  The freezer is about half full and today, as we continue to celebrate getting half way we will be having steak – unless we catch that elusive fish before then.   

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