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Senta - Day 10

We celebrated half way yesterday with one drink, the first on this trip. After the happy times in Las Palmas we have not missed alcohol at all.

Only 1200 miles to go and as our weather guru from wetterdienst had predicted we are in the middle of a low. So back with the reef (we have only sailed unreefed for one day) and out with the No 3 jib. The wind is from the side and we are still doing more than 7 knots, but it is grey and rainy. Inside the boat it is hot and humid as we can't open the hatches due to rain and waves. Last night we had squalls etc and nobody slept a lot. I believe we will not ever get trade winds on this trip, it is just one of those years.

Fresh food slowly running out, still have some apples, bananas and a mango. Tonight has chicken stirfry on the menu. the guys liked my first beer bread. Kids are fine, reading and listening to audio books, history of the world at the moment, I learn something, too.

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