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Ntanda - Blog Day 10 - Here's the hole

So despite our best efforts we have found the hole. Currently still fine reaching in 4 to 5 kts of winds and making around 3 to 4 kts boat speed; not ideal.
Great for sleeping of course and getting the boat dried out. Its been a wet ride so far and not in a particularly pleasant way. So currently the flooring is up and all sails etc are on deck drying out (not stacked you understand just randomly put where there is space; stacking is cheating!)
In fact it's been so wet the crew have categorised the situation; the following works for all areas from clothing, bunks, wet weather gear and underpants:
  1. Mildly Moist
  2. Disturbingly Damp
  3. Dangerously Dripping
  4. Sadly Soggy
  5. Woefully Wet
Mr D had the sextant out earlier, ably assisted by his two lovely helpers (check out the website later for a visual, and donate too whilst there)
Bella made pancakes as its French day (?) and I've run out of T shirts and am now recycling, happy days.
Thats about it, TTFN

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