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Ntanda - Blog Day 9 - Mostly moist

Ahh, trade wind sailing; tropical sunshine, 24 hour spinnaker runs, fishing for tuna and sunbaking on the poop deck.....
Ahh, trade wind sailing; pissing with rain, horrible confused seas, ligtning storms, pitch black so you can't see the front of the boat, nor the horizon so helming is a tad difficult and bailing the wheel well 'cos the good ship Ntanda's butt plugs prevent it draining - Oh happy days! More fruit cake please!!
Great sailing yesteday though. Asymetric up all day (mojo restored) and efficient drops and hoists for the numerous and rather large squalls encountered. Not sure yet who gets to wear 'The Dress', Dover or Kites. Dover for spiking the Asym the other day and leaving the safety stop on after a particularly special broach or 5 yesterday for spiking the wrong Tylasker, not therefore blowing the kite and bending the deck shackle on the tack line. Still plenty of time for more interesting manouvers before we decide.
Currently going 'upwind-ish' in 20kts in pouring rain, sounds like the Solent...

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