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Senta - Log day 8

On day 8 at sea we got a new position report on all boats, always really exciting to see where all our friends (and competitors!) are and how long to go. It feels like we have been on sea forever but it has not been boring yet, the days fly by. Watches, meals, games with the kids, emails, have not been able to read a book yet. Everybody in the fleet would be really relieved that the squalls are gone, we are scooting along with 8 knots under reefed main and No 2 Gib, movement much steadier, too. We have put our watches forward today by 1 hour and are looking forward to the half way mark.

Our only connection with the world is our new SSB, expertly installed in Palma by Joerg from Yachtfunk. We had planned to use the Iridium for weather and emails but we wanted the kids to speak to other children during the crossing on a kids' net so we also installed an SSB. As it happens the Iridium does only work for actually telephoning now and we get our weather from the router and the ARC, position reports and emails solely through the SSB. Also great to listen to other boat's adventures at the roll call.

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