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INNcredible Sea Lodge - Day Two

It's night now after a beautiful sunset followed shortly thereafter by the rising full moon to light our way. Although today started out with strong winds and high seas both have tempered a bit and the wind is pushing 20 knots more or less almost behind us allowing us to point SW.

Beautiful day today with sun and a breeze which we all enjoyed. Every one has to follow a watch schedule of on 6 hours and off 9. We always have two people on and during the daytime more people are up any way. The watch schedule moves like a volleyball team so no one is stuck with midnight until 6am more than once every three or four days. No watch schedule is easy to get used to but this one gives one the ability to get a long rest in between. Racing sailors prefer on 4 hours off 4 hours but Nate complains that he can't get any real sleep within that short 4 hours. Everyone agreed so we're cutting our own path here despite good advice.

When the winds relaxed a bit, Big Blue (our big blue gennaker) went up and has been pulling us along all day and will all night. Tomorrow in the light it's time to fly the new spinnaker which hasn't seen the light of day since the sail maker stuffed it in its sail bag. Excited to see it fly in full color.

Time to get some rest because my watch starts at 3am.

For dinner I made brown rice and fresh pumpkin in a spicy coconut curry sauce.

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