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Seren Wen - Day 2

Its a good job that we know a good man in Las Palmas, Jon Crouch has saved the day and worked really hard all day to solve the problem. It seems we have 2 hydraulic pipes that have chaffed as they pass through the bulkhead and had holes in them, leaking out all our oil! This was a disaster waiting to happen and although were so sad to return we feel very lucky that this didn't happen half way across. Its a bit crackers, but some of  us ( well, Liz)"talk" to Seren Wen and think she showed us her problem early to keep us safe!

New replacement pipe and fittings are being made as we blog and we have high hopes of being away by tomorrow lunch time after a bit of extra provisioning as we keep eating into the stock!!

The Marina seems so empty without all the ARC boats and all our lovely neighbours along the wall. The bars and restaurants are empty and its strange not to see a familiar face. Tonight we will "sundown" alone, but hope to get to St Lucia before the rest of ARC drink all the rum!!

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