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Indulgence - Blog 3 Leixoes to Leixoes

At the break of dawn our intrepid Skipper arose to walk along the harbour wall to examine the ever changing foggy conditions.  He returned to INDULGENCE to tell us that his years of sailing experience and gut instinct told him that we could not venture out of the safety of  Leixoes Marina. 
Reluctantly the crew set about entertaining themselves with Spanish lessons, by discussing the merits of mahogany coffee tables and reliving how the outboard engine had been fully stripped earlier that day.
Post lunch saw the majority of the crew retire to the balcony of the local hostelry where beverages were consumed whilst we examined, in detail, the ever changing weather conditions. The remaining crew member rowed intrepidly throughout the harbour identifying various types of crafts sharing our safe refuge.
Excitement mounted as the Skipper informed us that we would be leaving our mooring in the afternoon. We prepared thoroughly  and slipped lines at 17.47 UT, to arrive at our anchorage some 6 minutes later having traveled the 400 metres outside the marina wall, or 50 metres as the crow flys.
Despite plans to row ashore the Jameson flambé pork chops were too irresistible and we remained aboard. Following this delightful meal we enjoyed a port tasting in which we frequently toasted both Queen Elizabeth (UK) and Queen Beatrix (Holland).
As we finally retired for the evening excitement was once again at near fever pitch in anticipation of our 4am departure the following morning. Our plans were scuppered when the sound of our wake up alarms were drowned out by the continuous fog horns, once again a thick peas soup thwarted our departure. Perhaps another tour of the port cellars is called for !



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