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Divalee - ETA, Effective Timeof Arrival on august the 15th... and a lot of fun ;)

Hi there,
We finally turned the lines on the visitors pontoon of Las Palmas wednesday august the 15th at 22h30 local time, after 5 days of no wind, and a crual back ache which happened on the evening of the arrival... and which isn't over at this time...
Great people in the harbour' office, great people on the pontoon as well :)
Love this quiet ambiance... guess it won't be that quiet in three months time :)
Divale's kindly waiting for us at the G pontoon. Back next month in Muelle Deportivo for the early final small things to be done before november ;)
So, leaving on the 30th of july from Brittany, we had : ... mainly wind against us : from west as we attended to escape from the Channel for 2 days.... south west on the end of Brittany, south west F6 forcing us down to sail to Santander... one day to sail to Gijon, one day and a half to get out from Biscay... with a wind coming from the west... then 2 days of fog between La Coronia and Cascais... half a day and night of wind... then we rolled the gennaker and turned the engine on till our arrival in Las almas 4 days later...

What we discover while we were sailing this month :
1/ No matter where you go in august, the wind will ALWAYS be blowing from where you want to go to.
2/ Don't lose time making A plans... only brush up the B and C ones....

3/ YES, there's fog in Portugal in August ( even our british londonian friends would have loved the one we had to Porto, when you discover at night the harbour light only 30 meters from the end of the harbour jetee... )
4/ And yes, it's acceptable to confuse a 25m wind portugese turbine with a trans oceanic multi hull on its mooring 3 nm from the coasts... but only with fog, at noon and " a jeun".... :(
5/ Cargos at Gibraltar don't navigate on the 15th of august week end, right ?....

6/ Gennaker with 20/25 knots of wind is fun at night, but not between cargos and not when you spend 3/4 of an hour and 3 times in a row fixxing the damn rolling aparatus on the inox bowsprit.... :/

7/ Hammer sharks love hooked dolphin fishes ( coryphene bream, in french )...
"Yes!! a couple of small dolphin fishes hooked!! But, what's that tails following the line... tuna?..."
" Damned!! The bream de-hooked itself and fell out of the back panel of the boat!!! :("
" Look!! It's swimming back towards the boat!!!...?!!.... and... overtaking... the boat?...?!!.... no kidding?...."
" ... followed by... ok, don't worry, it's only a YOUNG 2m long hammer shark.... hum... :/... slowly ask Patrick to stop jumping from the boat, the shark could get hurt...."
8/ Don't please your friend by agreeing him to equip your kitchen with carpet covered with anti-slipping stripes when this friend of yours doesn't fully aknowledge the importance of installing it in a longtudinal way rather than in a transverse way... thank you Patrick for these wonderful culinary curling moments :(
9/ Sailing close hauled by F6 is fun in Biscay under the full moon... but helmets are loudly recommended as it is not to vomit on your crew fellow member when is not keeping the watch but having however kindly a cofee with you... :(
10/ Yes, it happens to switch from 7 to 30 knots of wind in seconds when you arrive in Cascais from the north. Crews which didn't experiment it at Cascais will surely experiment it once or twice at their leaving from Gran Canaria in november, as ARC and locals say ;) So don't worry, there will be fun for everyone :)

11/ Our engine burns 2/2.5l an hour at 2.000, and 5/6l an hour at 2.500 ( turbo starts on at 2.500)... some members of our crew have a worst consumtion per hour than our Yanmar 75hp.... though..... black tank is for fuel... blue for water... what bout adding red tanks onboard, seriously?...

12/ Detailed maps of ALL the harbours on your way... even 2 days sailing from your initial route... have their importance onboard...

13/ Think twice about what to say to customs when you fill UP the front shower with wine bags in box... and the front cabin with a 15kg plastic wrapped bread flour bundle... seriously, Jean, you haven't been in that flour business your whole life???

14/ Sailing at two people on the 43 ft down to Canarias was fun, maybe a bit less in the fog in Portugal, sleeping  40cm from the radar alarm and the lobster pots, ...ok...... would have been even better with my girlfriend, though :D
CU all ;)

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