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Persephone of London - THURSDAY 16TH - SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST

Well we didn't leave yesterday as planned, still too windy so we hope to get a way today but no chance!   So off we went to futher explore La Coruna  and saw a little more around the orginal harbour.  This area was more stylish than the other side of town already explored.      This evening was also the first time we had been able to eat out on deck without the fear of losing  your supper off its plate as a mighty gust came through!  A pleasant warm evening, so it was looking hopeful for tomorrow.

Friday morning, we are finally off!  Sunshine and light breezes greeted us as we ate breakfast and we set of at 9.45 BST and headed for our destination of "Ria de Lax".   Complete opposite today, very light winds averaging 6 to 8 knots when we set off.  As we rounded the next headland and the island of Sisargas the wind picked up and was predictably on the nose - 17 - 25 knots.  We experienced short steep seas making progress reasonably slower than we would have liked.   Two large rouge waves managed to soak Nigel head to toe (did Karen laugh? what do you think).   The 33 mile trip turned out to be around about 40 miles because of the sea state and wind direction, taking a little over 8 hours.  So at 19.25 we arrived in the little harbour of Lax and dropped anchor next to Zeemuis the dutch family we had met in La Coruna.  We also arrived at the same time as "Lone Rival" who had also been in La Coruna.  Karen then made a tasty chicken birini supper and we settled down for the evening with our 1 euro carton of wine (its so cheap here in Spain!)   We were anchored about 50 meters off the beach and in what we thought was a quiet secluded anchorage off a little village but then just after 9pm  the town came to life  with a fun fair just off the beach and loud live music from a stage not far from the shore.  This was most surprising, not quite the sleepy little Spanish harbour we had originally imagined.    As we preparing to get some sleep the band struck up and boy were they loud!!!  After the extremely loud fireworks (think around midnight) we thought that must be it for the night but no, this rock show was destined to play until dawn!    Think we finally managed to nod off at about 5.30am to the dulcet sounds of Nirvana covers.   

After a brief lie in trying to make up for the lost hours of sleep, we pumped up the rubber dub  and headed into town.   It is a very small town and appears to be a local holiday resort.  Again we marvel at the Spanairds idea of style when it comes to architecture in these resorts - more concrete buildings.      Whilst in town we bumped into Liz and Mark from Lone Rival who kindly stopped us to say how beautiful our boat was and how fantastic she looked sailing into the harbour the previous evening!  After a chat about how our respective trips were fairing at this stage we were invited to have drinks on board their boat this evening.

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