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Skyelark of London - Letter to the Managing Director. Customer Appreciation 1.0

Dear Mr Bishop,

Just a note to say how sorry we were that we were not able to slow down ahead of the start line and dip the ensign on our recently varnished flagstaff as we had intended yesterday afternoon. To have missed the opportunity to salute your fine efforts and those of your crack academy of yellow shirted deputies was the first regret of the ARC 2011 which has been
thoroughly enjoyed by those aboard Skyelark of London.

As we charged headlong toward the start we were astonished to find that a number of other vessels had intentions similar to our own and we were caught amid a melee of Parasailors wishing that we too had made the investment in striking colour and elegance that is essential during such photographic opportunities. No sunset rendezvous can prepare a crew for the exhilaration
of a 180 boat start and it is a sight that will live long in the memory.

As the aforementioned adrenaline waxed into the first night we were mightily grateful for the seminars that have given us the succor to provision, plan, route and micro-manage our prospective trans-Atlantic passage and to fortify body and mind. The realisation that we had missed the 'Coping with Stress at Sea' session was quickly remedied when the location of the chocolate draw was expertly revealed by the crew after the fourth close encounter in one
quarter hour.

We look forward to keeping the communication channels open.

The Forever Grateful Crew of Skyelark of London

Team Pic

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