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Sotto Vento - day 8

Sotto Vento Day 8.Hello readers in Englandshire.Nigel Trouserpress
calling. Sorry to be missing these last few days, but I suspect Trevor
and myself may have been subjected to some cruel practical joke. Let me
explain. Some wag suggested we play hide and seek, with the two of us
first to hide.(As it happens, Trevor shares my interest in being
persued). The count hadnt even got to 200 when we found a sort of
cupboard in the front of the boat. Perfect! So perfect in fact that six
days later the crew hadnt found us, despite the hatch being opened every
few hours and a load of very smelly sails dumped on our heads! Well,we
both decided that six days, and as we had to answer a serious call of
nature, enough was enough, Oh yes! You can imagine the looks of
disapointment on the faces of the crew when we emerged. We'd been right
under thier noses all that time and nobody had thought of looking there!
Thats when the sniggering started and we both suspected that those utter
rotters hadnt even started looking for us!We'll see how they like it
when the boots on the other foot! Pip pip Landlubbers.

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