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Sotto Vento - ARC 2008 day 2 and 3.

Day 2 and 3.Nigel Trouserpress of the Sotto Vento reporting.Things are going swimmingly on board the Sotto Ironingboard. The crew are settling in nicely to thier routines,which involves considerable making and mending. Particularly that is after some unmentionable (Norman Plywood) got caught up in the rigging whilst practising on his unicycle on the foredeck, and spent several uncomfortable hours being dragged through the sea by one ankle.When he was eventually recovered he wasnt even that gratefull, and just complained that his mum was to blame because she'd forgotten to pack his bicycle clips and it was "all her beastly fault!" One benifit of this little episode is that Norman, having consumed the better part of eight gallons of seawater during his ordeal, noticed its simarlarity to Vimto, and recommended I give it a try.I admit I had my reservations, but after recovering from the first bout of vomiting, the hallucinating that followed was most entertaining.From my viewpoint all the other members of crew became the Seven Dwarfs with myself morphing into the lovely Debbie McGee.Or was it that master wordsmith,John Prescott?
Tally Ho and pip pip to all in Blightyshire.

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