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Uno - Day 18: Ceviche & shooting stars

This morning morale seemed a little low, I think it’s due to the increased swell & wind, which, while it’s good for speed, it’s not very comfortable. We dodged a few squalls around lunchtime, and had ceviche with the mahi Gisele caught 2 days ago. Jacques (11) was in dinner so he made some rice & heated up Chile con Carne for dinner which was really good. Also today we put together our response to the Insta ARC singing challenge that seems to be going around & we keep getting tagged in.. Luckily we have a singer /songwriter on board (Gisele, 13) & we recorded the audio & now just the video needs a bit more work. We should be able to post it up tomorrow :-) A bit of silliness & dancing & singing (and lots of laughing) did wonders for the mood on board, smiles for miles :) The sky is so clear tonight that I've already seen two shooting stars send orange streaks across the sky. Stunning! Uno out.

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