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Asante - Day 10 of the never ending poem

Todays the day I knew would come. When there’s nothing to report. No flying fish or minkie whales. So to board games we resort. We did though do a stock take. Of food that we have left. We can no longer squander, for fresh fruit we are bereft. I have a massive freezer. Still stocked right to the brim. With pre-made meals and veggies, to ensure we don’t get thin. But one of our crew members, has just announced to all, that a meal without a piece of meat, is not a meal at all. Now Ian may well agree with him, well certainly in the past. But I’ve brought him round to veggie meals. But I’ll keep them all for last. So what I’m simply saying, is this wind needs up you see. For if we don’t get in on time, there’ll be a mutiny.

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