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Uno - Day 10: It’s slow going out here.

Tuesday 28 November

This morning, everyone woke up to the smell of fresh baked sourdough! I had proofed some overnight and as I was on the last shift from 5-8am, put the bread in the oven while on watch. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh coffee and warm bread in the morning?

Today was a bit of a frustrating sailing day all about constant minor adjustments the right wind angle. Not a lot of wind and quite messy sea state so we didn’t get many miles done. Captain’s spirits are down a little due to our lack of speed (lack of big sail more like) & rapidly increasing passage time.

We’ve been calculating that at the current average speed of about 5.5 to 6 knots, we will make it to the St Lucia in a 24 day Crossing, which is so much longer than we had thought. Even the average journey time according to the ARC is between 19 and 21 days so we always thought we’d get in around 20, 21 at the most. If only the wind would pick up to 15-20 we’d be humming along.

In the afternoon Lynnie, Gisele and I did some beading - threading beads on to elastic to make matching bracelets. Both Jacques and Gisele did some school work today and we all did some reading.

For dinner Gisèle prepped us a yummy shepherds pie & a salad.

Uno out.


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