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Uno - Day 9: Edible lime straws

The new snack bag came out yesterday so that was all round excitement! :-) We have more food to browse when we are looking for something to keep nausea at bay, bored (who could be bored out here?!) or on the night shift. We separated a bunch of snack items into three bags before we left, to cover the three weeks that we hoped it would take Uno to arrive in St Lucia (hopes currently dashed, thinking we need a 4th bag). There is one fun item in there each week, this time it’s lime flavoured edible straws. Sure, why not! Last week was Hotwheels branded brownies. This evening we had forgotten to bring the fishing lines in & just as it was getting dark, we got a fish on. It was big, and it ran the line out so fast to its limit. Rich managed to hold on to the rod but the line snapped & we lost our favourite lure & all 200m of line. Bummer!

For dinner Kenny pan seared some of the blue marlin we caught yesterday in a honey, ginger, garlic & tamari marinade, with rice & salad. So interesting to try blue Marlin, it’s a very dense fish and very filling, but was super yummy.

Uno out.

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