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Champagne Hippy - Day 10 - 28th November

Another wonderful day on Champagne Hippy, it all started with a beautiful sunrise and the wind holding speed at 15+ knots. After the sunrise, Josh and I were discussing breakfast and decided on pancakes as a treat for all. I got to work in the galley and soon enough everyone had a nice little stack to add whatever topping they fancied.

It’s been another hot day but the pick up in the breeze has helped cool everyone down somewhat. This has brought about slightly higher swells and thus more flying fish on deck! Jonnie found one on the bow on his morning deck walk and later in the day one came pelting in from the starboard side to land at Becca's feet while she sat at the port helm.

For the last three days, the radio has been silent, this acts as another reminder of how far we are from anyone or anything else. Today however we had a vessel calling us directly, they wanted to know if we had a weather report for the coming days, as a smaller boat they said they lacked the technology onboard for this themselves. Happy to oblige Josh gave them the next few day's weather as we all egged him on from the side lines to do this in his best shipping forecast accent. The boat was very appreciative of the update and went on to ask us about our journey so far, our destination and our fishing activities. They were proud to mention they had caught a large tuna recently and were happy to hear about the Wahoo Julia reeled in the other day! It’s funny because we’ve never met these people and are unlikely to cross paths with them again, yet what I have found is there’s an instant friendliness, comradery, and overall well-wishing that comes with speaking over the radio this far into an ocean which I don’t think you would find many other places.

Osso buco with mash and veggies for dinner accompanied by another gorgeous sunset!

Champagne Hippy Crew x

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