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Northern Light II - Tuesday 28th November

The weather and wind forecasts continue to impede our progress. Each morning we send an email to a weather expert summarising the weather overnight. His response, based on satellite images, together with the predicted wind models inform our choice of sails and track. When the chance of squalls is high we switch to white sails and then when the conditions improve we move back to Patricia. White sails mean that we jibe frequently and have uncomfortable rolling nights at lower speeds while Patrica allows us to follow a more direct westerly downwind route that’s more comfortable and fast. This morning we switched to Patrica after two days of white sails. The predicted squalls and high winds didn't materialise even though the sea was rougher than normal. We’re starting to wonder if this might become the slowest ARC plus ever recorded.

The crew are now divided on the fishing issue. Skipper and Tom have lost another hook and are convinced that each time there’s another loss it’s to an even larger fish. Today’s fish was allegedly an enormous tuna. The remainder of the crew are suspicious. In today’s loss the lure remained intact even though the hook was lost. Skipper and Tom speak with great confidence and authority each time they set up the fishing line. However G and Sarah noted that neither of them have read the cruiser’s handbook of fishing on how to catch a fish from a sail boat.

Until tomorrow


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