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Pure Joy - Pure Joy - ARC Days 8-9

We saw whales!! Martin spotted them, a pod circling quite close on our starboard side. It was a brief but majestic sighting and injected a bit of excitement into our day!

We’ve been picking up speed, mostly around 7-8knots but upwards of 10 at times. It feels good to have moved on for the 4-5 we were doing for several days.

The sea state remains relatively calm, with some swell that the boat is handling beautifully. We seem to surf the waves, which is a true delight.

Marissa and Martin continue to study the sextant, Martin the patient teacher and Marissa the determined student.

PJ is tracking every relevant stat with regards to our speed, progress and also our resources - water, power, fuel. We are inching ever closer to the Halfway mark!!!

Elliot is still resisting school work but he’s getting it done!

Today we’ll take a full inventory of all the food we have remaining. Lots of woulda-coulda-shoulda’s in that department! (You live and you learn!) But it will be good to reconfirm that none of us will starve on this trip.

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