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Penny Oyster - Adrift in the Atlantic

Day four was a slow one. The wind had dropped to less than 5knts, which we had expected. We had tried to fly our spinnaker, but being an 18ton boat and not enough wind to hold the kite, we made slow progress south. At around lunchtime, the wind had died completely, and our boat speed was 0.5 of a knot! We decided it was a day for an important job, a shower!! As the boat was adrift, we used the world's biggest bath to wash. With a safety line over the side, we jumped in to crystal clear blue water at a temperature of 24.8°. It was the most beautiful and liberating feeling, although it was a little eerie when looking down into the big blue abyss!

Fortunately, soon after our shower, the wind filled back in, and we were able to start sailing again. We are still headed south to hopefully pick up the trade winds in the next couple of days, and then we can begin our journey west!

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