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Penny Oyster - Tasty fish, sail repairs, and awesome stars!

Day two, our fishing master, "Tuna Tom," had set out two fishing lines with the hope of catching us some dinner. The day started well with more breeze, so we were able to fly our beautiful blue spinnaker. At around lunchtime, we dropped the spinnaker as the wind had increased to 20knts, and we maintained good speed with our poled out jib. Tuna Tom and Dave had gone down for an after noon nap, leaving Millie and Phoebe in charge of the watch (and also the fishing) when, much to our surprise, we heard the fishing line begin run. We quickly woke up the boys who began to reel it in as we tried to slow the boat down. After a bit of a fight (due to our reel breaking), we managed to land a perfectly sized dorado. This resulted in a delcious dinner, which was a definite upgrade from our original plan of pesto pasta!

Day three was drizzly one. However, as the sun rose, we hoisted our spinnaker and were making good progress. Unfortunately, with a lull in the wind, our kite wrapped one of the shrouds and started to tare. We quickly got the kite down. The damage had created a 1m hole in the sail. We quickly began the repairs, Millie's sail repair shop opened for business, and after 4 hours of taping and stitching, the spinnaker was ready to be hoisted again! After all this effort, it was time to have dinner and prepare for our night watch, although we are looking forward to hoisting out spinnaker again tomorrow. Despite the drizzle in the morning, we had a lovely clear night and were able to start to look for some of the consellations Stokey (the ARC sky master) had told us to look out for. One of our favourites was using the big dipper to tell the time, and surprise surprise it works!! We also have been able to identify jupiter, saturn, orion, and virgo so far. We hope to continue and improve our star gazing as the trip goes on!

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